Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend is our staff Summer picnic! The weather looks promising for a great day and a lot of fun out on the water for a boat tour.  I can't wait!
Because there are so many of us, we usually do these events pot-luck style. Thankfully I happened to be around when the sign up list got posted in the kitchen and I was able to grab one of the "dessert" spots on the list.
Cooking or baking of any kind is not my forte, not even close. My sister got all those genes. The one thing I do know how to *cough* "bake" is a chocolate cake layered thingy with cool whip & pudding mixed with crushed chocolate bar.
 It's not even really fair to say I bake it. It's a cake box recipe and all I have to do is add one egg and some water and maybe some oil..... it's on the box and provided I will pay enough attention when reading the instructions, all should be fine and a nice Devil's Food cake will magically appear from my oven. Those that know me are well aware that it's a toss up to if I'll get it right. But mercifully that's all the baking that's required. The rest is all done for me. Cool Whip - done baby, right out of the container. Pudding - right out of the little cups. There is no way I'd be making it from scratch, wouldn't even know where to start. Chocolate bars - bought at the grocery store in a pack of 4, on sale.
I have the utmost respect and admiration for those that can cook/bake, even more so for those that enjoy doing so. It's a lost art on me. Every now and then I feel as if I'm missing out on something and maybe if I find just the right thing to cook the magic will hit me and I'll love it. The grocery industry has made a fortune off of me when these moods hit. Off to the grocery store I'll go, list in hand, freshly written after looking through the dusty cookbooks others have bought for me. I buy the ingredients with gusto, get them home and then feel completely over whelmed with what I'm about to do. Lost even. The Hinterland Who's Who music plays in the back ground as I try to mix and stir and re-create what looks so amazing in the picture. I consider it a success if it's actually editable and the fire alarm didn't go off - don't think it hasn't.
So yes, I will always be the dessert girl at the potluck. The luck part for others is when I am successful in scoring a dessert slot. I love my family and friends and like my co-workers far too much to even risk it. I don't even know what to call it when I don't.

Happy weekend, happy boating and happy dessert-ing to all.

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